Roberts Xmas

For the first time since I can remember, we had a big gathering of my Mom’s side of the family. Lena & Kyle hosted in their wonderful home in Portland just a few days after Xmas and just in time to erase the winter dreariness.

The big news of the day is that Jeff and Kathy (who is wonderful) are going to have their wedding at Aunt Nett & Uncle Steave’s in the San Juans. I was planning to be very cool and understanding if they had decided to play it low key and elope to Las Vegas so I you can imagine how uncool and totally excited I was as this announcement.
Even cousin Jake was here from grad school in Sweden (for those of you who have asked who he is, here is his face to go with his comments)
(two 90% percentile heads meet at last)

Aunt Nett wore a special Christmas sweater as a test to Kathy to see if she was either polite or gagging to throw up. She was both and so passed with flying colors.

Lila and Lainey were as adorable as ever.
IMG_1570 PC280070

And at the end of the evening we exchanged gifts in a way where we could steal them from each other. I got a lavender linen spray so feel quite chuffed about the whole thing. (chuffed = smuggly happy)

Finally, we took a few family photos -in the last one, we were the only ones, apparently, who thought it was ‘funny faces photo’

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