We woke Christmas morning to find stockings stuffed and a bike under the tree (for me, woo hoo!). Then the kids arrived and the present opening began. They got lots of cool little things like hair bands and pencil sharpeners but then at the end, the real excitement began. First Tom pulled out a slip of paper from his Santa bag that read, Wii. He jumped in the air and screamed “Are you serious?!” He genuinely didn’t believe it. Then Alice pulled out a picture of a dog, which she was totally confused about. But before anyone could explain it to her, Harriet (who has wanted a horse as long as she knew what they were) pulled out a photo of a horse they ride sometimes in Houston. Instead of jumping up and down, she got really quiet and asked if it was a joke. It was very sweet. She didn’t actually cry but she was close. Then we ate pancakes.


Later in the afternoon, the Ketchums all came for dinner complete with Grandma’s Mother’s China and not one, but two turkeys prepared by Charles the vegetarian.

So good to have everyone together. With snow outside and Lisa, Duncan and the kids here. We rounded out the evening with puzzles, crafts, Uno Attack and Gus snuggles.




Merry Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Every event (even ones that might seem mundane) you write about and describe sound so exciting and make me want to be there to experience it too. You are a good story teller!! The pictures help too. 🙂

  2. Thank you! I’m trying to catch the details to look back on later but I run out of time at night to write much. Thank God for the photos. : )

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