Curt + Jamie

The freeway finally opened (hooray) just in time for us to pop to Portland today to meet up with old friends Curt and Jamie who are here visiting from their new home in Germany.


So we spared no expense and treated them to the American treasure, Red Robin. (Ok so it was close to the airport and to the freeway…)


They’re doing great -are learning to speak fluently and are traveling all over the place. Gus gave them both a huge smile when they first met -maybe because he knew they’d give him a cool wooden toy from Germany. Or maybe because he knew he already had more hair than Curt.


It was great to see them and well worth braving the ice patches and trucks-sans-chains that hog the road and cut back in front of you mere inches ahead in your lane without indicating-what’s with that?

By the way, we also had big plans to drop off presents to people in Portland but not only did my wrapped packages get soaked in my bag but we only had time to drop off one! The Portland roads are still horrible too. A nice time to stay at home and warm the toes.

3 thoughts on “Curt + Jamie

  1. Hooray!!! So glad you all met up. We’re bummed we missed. We finally got our car unstuck at 4pm yesterday. Sheesh!

    Curt & Jamie, you look great! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. It was so great to see you! Gus is such a fun little guy; really wish we lived closer so we could play with him all the time 🙂
    Has Curt told you about our adventure after leaving Red Robin the 23rd?
    We sat on I-205 for 8 hours before finally joining back up with I-5.
    The culprit? Those sliding-out-of-control trucks were stalled all over the icy-potholed highway. It was a mess! Needless to say we were very relieved to arrive in Salem at 2am, when it finally started to rain.
    In comparison, San Francisco (and then Phoenix) were warm and heavenly.
    We’re just glad we were able to hook up amidst all the chaos of Northwest Snowpacolypse 2008!

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