Lighter than we thought

Charles and I have prided ourselves on not using any shampoos or soaps or anything on Gus. Just a bath every night in warm water with a nice wash cloth applied to the various crevices. We basically wanted to avoid chemicals on his brand new soft skin.

In this way, we easily went for months at a time without even wetting Gus’ hair. I mean it wasn’t dirty or anything. He always smells lovely and it was kinda neat how his hair filled in all uneven and styled.

Well, so, it’s come to our attention lately that maybe his hair isn’t supposed to lay perfectly still like that. That perhaps it’s not so much thick and corse as… oily at the base.

So for the past week we’ve been rinsing it each night. And each time it’s gotten fluffier and fluffier. And that yellowish ‘craddle cap’ at the scalp? Miraculously clearing up along with the color of his hair.


One thought on “Lighter than we thought

  1. I’ve been really happy with Burt’s Bees products, both the shampoo and the soap (also the lotion, but we don’t really use that at all, no need). I do think a little of soap is necessary, esp with cradle cap and spit up (or, now, sweet potato coating her face and fingers).

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