Date night despite the snow

We had big plans tonight -which all were canceled due to the snow. But that didn’t stop Charles and I from a grand date night. We suited up and walked the mile into town to the local pub…


The Thirsty Woman Pub was open -hoorah! But we were the only customers.


We had nachos, black been soup, and a few rounds of beer/wine. And several chats with the barmaid about branding/politics. Here we see Charles at one point on the way home…

When we got home we had a nice serving of cherry crumble. A good night.

9 thoughts on “Date night despite the snow

  1. This looks like one of the best dates I’ve ever heard of. Good for you two! Around dinner time last night, the news said I-84 through the Gorge was closed due to snow just outside Portland so it must be quiet, peaceful and quite beautiful there now, in a way it can be only when it’s blanketed in snow.

  2. I can hear you, 10 years from now – “son, we had to walk a mile in the snow, both ways uphill, to get a beer and some dinner and a night out… You kids these days don’t know anything about hard times…”

  3. I wish we could have shared in that! It worked out that we couldn’t get a babysitter since the weather didn’t let up. But it sounds like you had more fun that you would have with us anyway 🙂

  4. hi – sooooo how is it looking there? Crazy in seattle right now, pretty much shut down the city, with snow yesterday. We are not sure we can get to Hood River, are any roads open to get to you guys?

  5. Well, it’s not looking good. I-84 is still closed and it’s snowing outside this morning. : (
    My fingers are crossed that it clears soon. Maybe we could at least meet you in Portland…

  6. It’s not looking like 84 will open anytime soon…but 35 & 26 are open (that’s a head scratcher as far as I’m concerned). So we may be in HR but c& j may not be able to get here. And right now Maddie has a cold/flu thing. Mild temp (100) and is inconsolable, as well as unable to breathe properly. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

  7. 27 degrees here today. That’s degrees celsius not fahrenheit! Summertime in Sydney – would be fabulous to have a white Christmas – the only white we get in Sydney at Christmas is crisp chilled white wine on a white sandy beach watching the white caps on the waves.

    Happy Christmas

    love Nicx

  8. My friends took 35 and 26 from Timberline to PDX Monday and what is normally a 1 hour trip took 2.5 hours. Not fun.

  9. Luckily I-84 just opened. We were not about to take 35/26 and were hesitant to take SR 14 over on the WA side…But we’re hoping to get on 84 before they decide to close it again. Now we just have to hope that 1) our flight goes out and 2) we don’t get stuck in Seattle on our layover! But otherwise we’re loving the snow!

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