Month Ten

There’s been tons of change in the past 30 days. In fact, I almost take it for granted that there is something new each day.

He stands up all the time now -pulls himself up on to the sides of couches, chairs and, of course, the boxes around the woodstove. But he still can’t get down most of the time. Will whine until one of us saves him or, a couple of times, he’s fallen and bonked his head (so much for the letting-him-figure-it-out-for-himself strategy).


He can also sit up now, can kneel and has just barely started crawling -but still saves the belly for really getting somewhere.

Recognises his name and knows the answer to “where’s mama?” or “where’s dadda?” We’re still working on ‘Grandpa’ but Gus looks for him whenever he walks in or out of the room and they have morning and evening chats everyday where they talk to the cats or check out the Huffington Report together.


Oh yes, and sleep. Nights are the same as last month and he has two naps during the day (mid morning and mid afternoon) -one is for 40 mins and one is 120 mins (he trades off which one he’ll do the long sleep for). He doesn’t go down as easily in general since his last cold. Takes him ages to fall asleep and he wants one of us to be standing there while he does. Hope it’s not a sign of a longer habit -I was loving the turn-off the light and walk away thing. Oh and the whole napping in the cot? Not even close to being a habit. We haven’t been very consistent about building the routine though. It’s too easy to be in Portland or Hood River during that time of the day.

He’s a bit more reserved these days too. I guess I noticed that mostly at Thanksgiving -holds back and watches people more and is not as quick to give a huge smile. But he’s more snuggly with us at the same time. Wraps arms around the neck while walking, gives big open mouth kisses on the cheek or flops his head against our chests. It’s lovely. I can see that will be the hardest bit to let go of as he grows bigger and more independent.


Going through a bit of a biting phase recently too -has bit me twice this week while feeding and today he bit Charles on the chin (in the middle of the store, carrying Gus, with both hands full of packages). He thinks it’s funny (they say to just calmly remove him and set him on the floor -which I haven’t quite been able to do yet. Not even close. Just a panicked, ‘no Gus, no Gus, no’). He also grinds his teeth and gnaws on the table legs. (Why do I feel like this will be one of those things I search for later, reading glasses at the end of my nose, shirt sleeves pushed up to my elbows, tapping my index finger just a little too hard at the paragraph and saying, ‘this. This is where it started.’)

What else would I want to know looking back? He plays by himself for long periods of time -crawling around the house to the various corners, talking to himself and trying to break through barriers to get to the powerstrips. Periodically heading towards the cats to babble at them (in a high pitched special kitty voice, by the way). They don’t get too excited about it anymore since they’ve trained him to move slowly and not hit (as evidenced by the scratches on the backs of his hands over the past several weeks). Every once in awhile he’ll whine at one of us for a bit of a cuddle before he goes off again. These get more frequent as we get closer to nap or feeding time. His cute clothes are mostly stained because even though I sweep at least twice a day, the hardwood floors are impossible to keep up with. I also find bits of bark in his mouth every few days. From the firewood. That goes in the big hot fire box that he has yet to fall into while standing on one of the boxes.


I started working this week but it hardly counts in Gus land since I’m doing it all from home and since Charles is free these days to do the looking after. Pretty perfect, really. I really am very thankful as the cold and recession are kept at bay by these ordinary goings on that occupy my head.

2 thoughts on “Month Ten

  1. It’s so wonderful to read the documentation of Gus’s growth. He’s such a lucky boy (besides being cute as a bug) to have you and Chuck as parents. I’m glad he’s learning how to “handle” the kitties without too many scars so far. And I’m glad you’re not punishing the cats for defending themselves. My grandfather had his cat declawed after she scratched my uncle…my uncle was wrenching on her tail.

  2. Amazing that it’s only been 10 months. Seems like there’s always been a Gus Reed, even though he’s so little. Isn’t life wonderful? Happy 10 months, Gus!

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