4 thoughts on “Six teeth now

  1. ouch!

    Well, in the teeth stakes gus is daniella’s mark. we’re still waiting for the second two to finally show despite enduring all the symptoms the past 2 weeks (plus the stuffy cold)

    Catching up all at once…I loved the kitty shot, hysterical waking him up! The love affair at our end continues to be sadly one-sided, a completely unrequited affair for Daniella. Probably something to do with the constant pulling of fur, ears, tail – and that I no longer pay attention to the poor fluffy one..

    I have a question about an earlier post – why did youl decide to nap him at home instead of pram? i thought it was fantastic that you had such a reliable napper…and how is it going? she keeps struggling with afternoon naps especially – dreading that she might drop one soon!


  2. The bite was on my hand -he’s not too bad in general but he’s still working out which things are ok to bite (eg Sophie) and which things aren’t (eg cheeks and nipples).

    Nicky, I started the nap at home thing so that we have that option as well and don’t have to always go for a drive during the day. And he sleeps much better at home -once we actually get him to sleep! Not seeing much progress (ie shorter times) putting him down. But the night routine took several weeks so I’ll keep trying. Missing you and Daniella! x

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