Ok, so I folded two towels

All three men in the house have colds/stomach bug. I’ve been spared so far but it was still a bare minimum day around here. I didn’t leave the house and didn’t seem to get a thing done. By nightfall Gus had been fed three times, had been made to nap twice and had been given more than the usual amount of attention (he’s still needing a lot of interaction and snuggles) but the house was a complete mess. It’s only marginally better now but I’m going to bed anyway. After I take a sauna to ward off the sniffles that are trying to start up in my nose. Goodnight.

11 thoughts on “Ok, so I folded two towels

  1. I agree with Tammy. Give yourself a pat or two on the back. I also agree with Aunt Nette…so also make sure you give yourself some TLC and some Vit C. My mother believed it was the cure-all.

  2. Okay, it’s been a couple of days since we’ve heard from you….did the bug get you too? How are all the boys feeling?

  3. No, still lucky. And everyone is feeling much better (although Gus still has stuffiness at night -read: multiple wakings). But I’ve had a bit of work on and a wonderful visit from Isis, so no post last night. We went to see a movie while Dad and Charles looked after Ilysa for a couple of hours. Heaven.

  4. Looks like I never got the colds! Woo hoo. Very happy about that -especially since the weather is definitely here now!

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