My dad had a friend named Mark who my Grandmother adored. Why can’t you be more like him, she lamented, such a nice Baptist boy. Which, of course, irked Dad to no end.

My Mark was my cousin Billy who my Dad would measure me against -to be fair it only really cropped up when we were both at the same college. (“No, you can’t have your car at school –Billy doesn’t have his at school.” And “I hear Billy is getting really good grades…”) That is until he got bad grades one term and got to have a car at college (“Just because Billy has one, doesn’t mean you have to”).

Your Mark, dear Gus, is Louis who was born 4 whole days before you. But has managed to beat you to rolling, crawling, reading, and stacking blocks (never mind that you don’t even have any blocks, you should know how to stack them anyway).

And now the cutie-pie Louis has started to walk! Very exciting. But this is one milestone you can feel free to delay. In fact it’s a damn good thing he’s in Sydney because we’d have to avoid this unsavory influence for several more months (hopefully).

4 thoughts on “Mark

  1. Dear Emily,you have married into the wrong family if you are looking for early milestones. In the last 2 generations no-one has walked before about 13 months and Charles didn’t utter a word till he was 2ΒΌ. As you know they can all walk and talk quite well now.

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