A visit to the woods

…to see Grandpa at work.

Gus was enthralled by the skidder when it was growling and belching and roaring…


… but was scared of the huge wheels when all was quiet and still.


We also got the chance to stop by the lake just before sundown.

A bit different from summer.

8 thoughts on “A visit to the woods

  1. My heart breaks to see those old growth stands being decimated by one man’s greedy quest to subdue the earth.

  2. Is that your cabin? Looks wonderful. Nice that you have the Subaru to get up there now. Have you named it? Will you? I tried to name my Subaru, but just could not come up with one that stuck.

  3. Well, it couldn’t be anything original or different since there are at least 3 others just like it in every lot we park in. So I’m thinking… Bob.

  4. The picture of the lake brings back so many memories of when your folks were helping to build the cabin. You were a toddler and I would hang out with you while they worked. One day you started to dance around and scream. I was the first one to you and you had some yellow jackets in your britches. oweee.

    Otherwise the lake was a very peaceful place. I saw the most magnificent lightening storm ever driving down to town one evening. Nice memories.

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