Pacific Northwestified

So yesterday we drove to Portland again to buy a new (used) car that will drive in the snow and not get stuck in 3rd gear on the freeway.


Not only did we buy a Subaru Outback, but we then had lunch at a vegan cafe before heading to REI to buy winter boots. All that was missing was a twee bumpersticker for the back.


12 thoughts on “Pacific Northwestified

  1. I have told Leigh that he doesn’t ask enough questions when he gets personal information from friends (i.e. when his good friend got a new girlfriend, Leigh didn’t ask what she did, how long they’d been seeing one another, etc.). He just doesn’t get the goods. He scolded me for not getting the goods on your new (used) car, like year, where you were buying it, etc. Because apparently it’s the car information that’s important 🙂

  2. Oh yes. The Thule rack, roof rack, ski rack, bicycle rack, doesn’t matter as long as you have at least one.

    And, Amanda – I have the same issue with Steve. He thinks that stuff is gossip; as in one of our friends is pregnant and it isn’t something he will think to pass on to me.


  3. A Subaru huh? hmmmmmm

    Aunt Nette, you should thank your lucky stars that you are married to Uncle “patience of an angel” Steve.

  4. ps My filter for gossip is if I wouldn’t say it in front of them (and in that tone). Otherwise, I can’t think of anything better than to talk about people, relationships, and conflict.

  5. I think you need one of those stickers that has the state of Oregon with a big green heart in the middle. They’re all the rage here in Corvallis, and you can buy them at Powell’s Books. That way, you know you’ll blend.

  6. Or a SNOB* sticker, 1968 rendition. I don’t know if they are still available anywhere though. I wonder who has your mom’s original membership certificate.

    *Society of Native Oregon Born

  7. Amanda, I would have thought that Leigh could easily tell from the image what year/model it is. Obviously the mount on the back windscreen wiper is the mid 1997 (just before they changed to the oval disc with the parallel scoring) – and as for the model, well you can see a reflection of my arm in the rear window so clearly there is some internal reflection, however we are well short of Brewsters’ angle which implies a refractive index of 1.03. As we all know, only the 1997 Outback did not have tinted back windows…

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