First boob bite




Just a few more words about this now that I have time to write. He’s accidentally bit me before but this was the first time he did it on purpose. He full on chomped down and then looked up at me as I said, “ouch, no, no, no, Gus.” To which he laughed, continued to lock down and pulled. I kept trying to emphasize that I was serious -without screaming at him and was finally able to break free and promptly plonk him on the floor. He then got upset but, really, more of a whine than a cry. Like, “hey! You put me down.” And I said, “yes, I did. That wasn’t ok.”  So it was the first discipline as well. An interesting little moment for me and, I can see, the very first snowflake on the iceberg.

Update (just had to share this email I got from Theresa):
“Not so cute now, are they?”

5 thoughts on “First boob bite

  1. Ouchie! Kaia (at 6 months) just pushed out her 6th tooth. I am in Hell. Luckily, I have been here before and am handling it much more graciously. Only 1.5 more years of this to go…if she hangs in there as long as Gianna did!
    Best of luck with your little crocodile!

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