Mosier playdate

I met with a local Mosier Mom this week -Quin and her 1 year old Seb and her 5 year old Milo. Gus loves it and I like meeting new people. Although it’s a bit nerve wracking too. It reminds me of how deeply uncool I am. Quin is one of those interesting people who plays guitar, makes an elaborate home-cooked meal each night, volunteers with the local school, does activities with her kids, raises chickens, and makes handcrafted gifts with her girlfriends over a beer. She asked me if I made stuff and I automatically said yes. What, she asked. Um…videos of my friends? Blogs? I realized that she meant in the realm of sewing/knitting/crafting/cooking and well, actually, no. I don’t really make stuff. I don’t even make money these days.

10 thoughts on “Mosier playdate

  1. Emily, you will soon receive about 8 posts telling you how cool you are. But I just want to say I remember you spitting chili all over the place in Paisley. So I KNOW how cool you are.

  2. I’m sure this fits into Jake’s prediction: but Em, you’re creating your life’s masterpiece every day and night, all the time. Maybe with the second one, like Quin, you (will/would) knit at the same time.

  3. Being cool is overrated, and variously defined anyway.

    Why settle for cool? In my honest assessment you are beyond cool and into the ab fab range. I don’t know anybody else who does stand up comedy. Even when she doesn’t know she is doing it.

  4. How great! A new friend! One for you and two for Gus. I thought it was better to be nerdy. One thing you’re not is boring – which would be a cause to pause if it were the case.

  5. I think her 1-year-old attends the same daycare as Maddie…And definitely you’re cool. You don’t need to knit or sew or make crafts to be cool, although it definitely helps 🙂 Besides, you do create things and that includes the fabulous connections you create and maintain.

  6. …and what about the five years of brilliant writing while in Sydney – your home away from home? Creative, original and soon to be part of a larger project when our little group completes ‘our book.’

  7. I’m concerned about what the Pacific Northwest has done to your definition of “cool”. Please proceed to the gate lounge immediately. We can fix this if you hurry.

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