Month Nine

He’s really interactive now. I feel like we talk all day long and I forget sometimes that he’s only a baby.

He’s trucking around all the time on his belly, permanently staining the front of all his shirts.

The throwing has also started -not with a huge amount of vigor yet -but I pick up the spoon many many times during meals. Many many times.


He still wakes twice a night -at 11pm & 3am -before waking at 5am (at which point we pull him in to snuggle/sleep with us until he’s wide awake and ready to play an hour later). We’ve also started making him sleep in his cot for his afternoon naps instead of in the car or stroller. So far it takes an extra 30 minutes to settle but it’s only the 4th day.

He just learned to high five

And after a playdate with a one year old last week, he started doing this:

p.s. I also just posted Month Eight -such a slacker Mom

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