Things have arrived at the house

First, our stuff got here from Australia yesterday. Good to have the couch and guitar back out again.
IMG_4846 IMG_4847

And then tonight Dad and Charles switched out the wood stove for a new one.
It promises to burn all night so that we wake up to a warm house. It feel a bit like xmas eve tonight -waiting to see what awaits in the morning.

10 thoughts on “Things have arrived at the house

  1. I like Gus’ jacket with the attached mittens….gives me an idea to attach mittens to some of Elizabeth’s jackets. Cold weather coming on strong, especially up on the peak we live on.

    It’s great to get all of your stuff. Guess I should comment on the contents of your post! Nice stove. 😉

  2. Mittens and snow suit courtesy of Cousin Lena -which I keep in the car in case of wet clothes emergencies. As you can see, earlier that day I was caught out in the middle of nowhere (seriously, in Dufer) with a leaky diaper. Felt pretty good about my foresight that day. Of course, then, I forgot to restock the emergency bag and was caught out again the next day. Sigh.

  3. We had a Blaze King and it held a fire for 3 days once.

    I didn’t even know the king and queen had offspring. You’ll love your princess.

  4. They loaded it up at 7am and it lasted until 10pm! And apparently it’s still warm in the morning. Although, I haven’t experienced that first-hand yet luckily.

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