San Francisco was different with a kid. Mostly because we decided not to get a car -since we were staying in a hotel in Union Square.

Which meant a lot of walking to our favorite places -like Cafe Trieste (who actually remembered me after all this time!)

Or to Farley’s in Potraro Hill to see Lynn.

It meant very early morning walks through empty streets since Gus wakes up by 6am and had no space to crawl in our room.
It meant splitting up to go out at night -I got to see my friend Mark and catch Jen’s band on Thursday night, while Charles got to go to the pre-wedding sushi gathering on Friday night

But it was a great move to be in the same hotel as the wedding. If only to get to see the relaxed bride and groom the day before…

And to be able to pop down with Gus for the first half hour before putting him to bed.

(I got to see an dear old friend Vic at the wedding as well. He showed us pictures of his 1 year old, Sunil.)

And over the weekend a few lovely friends actually came and picked us up -including Kent who took me all the way out to Hunters Point to see Lynn’s FABULOUS open studios show. And Robbie, who drove all the way into the city with her car seat to take us all the way to her home in Marin, where Phil made us an amazing vegetarian breakfast and where the kids (Katherine and Max) played with Gus until he was in a coma of happiness, then drove us all the way back into town again.


And finally, Lotus braved a Union Square tourist trap just to have brunch at the last minute in our neck of the woods.

A wonderful trip. Made me want to move back to the Bay Area.

7 thoughts on “SF

  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip but moving back to the Bay Area – oh no!!! Is that an actual tie on Gus, one that had to be tied? I’ve never seen a tie on a baby before. The photo of the three of you is terrific. Thanks.

  2. Lani took the words right out of my brain.

    Such lovely friends you have in the SF area. But then it seems that you have lovely friends everywhere.

  3. Man alive you three are some kind of cute, very snazzy outfits sported by all. Gus looks like a real boy (pinocchio-esque I know) as opposed to a squishy-faced baby (which merits it’s own charm). Lovely 🙂

  4. Em,

    Sorry the logistics didn’t work out this time…I missed out on seeing you and meeting the rest of your family.

    Miss you.

  5. Well…if I didn’t have all the school drop offs, etc. I would have come to get you. Sorry!!! It looks like loads of fun…and, I’m glad you missed it here. Come back!

  6. Mum would like to know if she can buy this child on ebay (referring to the lovely family portrait)!
    Think of me tomorrow xxx
    We will have to skype after the honeymoon.

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