Last weekend in October

A drive down to Eugene for Amanda’s Mom’s funeral -which was held in an old Jazz club where she used to perform. It was full of her friends and they even had someone perform her favorite songs. It was both sad and wonderful.
Since we were down there we got to see my old friend Ted and meet his lovely Ann. I fear, though, that Gus dominated the conversation.
(hmm, where did I get that idea?)

And then we got to stay with Grantie Lani, where Gus DEFINITELY hogged the spotlight.

She showed him the flowers…
Gave him a new toy…
And taught him to make noises with his finger in his mouth which he still does now two weeks later.

Finally, on Sunday I got to go to karate again on our way through Portland. And as soon as I arrived, I sensed something different about the class…
Not sure what though.

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