Mini Mums’ Group

I’ve been really missing my Sydney mums’ group lately. They are a cool group of women who I’d have never met otherwise. They sent pictures of the boys recently who are all fattening up and on the verge of crawling. And they are all starting swimming class this week -would be so fun to join them (and to catch up on the gossip). Sigh.

So today was really good timing.

Tricia drove up to Hood River to hang out with Amanda and me.


We all sat around talking and periodically feeding or changing diapers.


Gus loved it despite the fact that he couldn’t reach out and grab them like he so desperately wanted to.

(Hmm, friends or food?)

2 thoughts on “Mini Mums’ Group

  1. Cute! What’s funny is that’s the best picture out of about 10 blurry ones. It’s tricky getting three little ones to sit for a picture when one of them has an interesst in another’s ear as a snack, which would topple all three down. So we all hold our baby for a second, then let go to take the picture quickly. Repeat. Very funny memory.

    Thanks for the wonderful day! Look forward to another one soon.

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