Sunday in Portland

And saving the best for last, we finally got to see Wiley this weekend at a great little bakery near Mississippi. She’s one of my Mom’s oldest friends but I feel like she’d be one of my best friends if I had grown up with her. You know, when the dinosaurs wandered around the west hills.
Looking forward to exploring all of her favorite cafes around Portland now that we’re back.

Then we headed over to do karate with Gonzo. Well, actually, I did karate while Charles and Gus took a walk. It was my first time back in years and years. But the moves were still familiar and still in my muscle memory. Very cool. We even got to do a bow kata -love swinging sticks around!

Here is Gonzo with his lovely wife Joanna.

And here is Gus with Suzie who, along with a great guy named Hector, started taking karate with me over 13 years ago.
(how could anyone resist these earrings?)

We also got to watch the kids’ class with the tiny people in their miniature gis. Two of those small killers were Gonzo & Joanna’s kids: Lucia & Aidi.
Aren’t they cute? I sincerely hope they get to kick Gus’ butt one day.

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