I don’t know if you can see here, but Gus has bits of food and crust on his face and nose. I never pictured myself having a perfectly clean little kid, but I certainly never expected to be one of those Moms who let’s their small child run around with a dirty face.


Turns out I am. Because many times it’s a choice between clean or happy.

Hey look, it’s one of those things a Mom can beat herself up for either way!

3 thoughts on “Manky

  1. If it doesn’t kill them or make them sick, sometimes it’s better to just let it go, especially if it makes them cry. Like Maddie and her hat aversion. I’ll have to tackle it as the days get colder, but for right now when I can bundle her up.

    Besides a dirty face is a cute face and a happy face!

  2. Well MY kids seldom had clean faces and look at all the harm it did them.

    Gus is beautiful, clean or messy.

  3. Of course, he’s not living in the middle of the woods though -so no cool, manly dirt. Just the odd snotty nose and pumpkin mush.

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