Monday in The Dalles

We had our second music class and, while not exactly dancing in wild abandon, Gus was much more comfortable this time and even ventured forward on the mat.

(That’s Victor Johnson on guitar, by the way)


Afterwards, we got to visit with Harry & Arlene at their house with the amazing view of the Gorge. They are my Dad’s first cousins which make them my first cousins once removed. Not sure what that makes Gus to them though. First cousin twice removed?


We never quite figure it out. Basically, I think of them as like an Aunt & Uncle, because ‘cousin’ doesn’t feel like it has enough honor in it.

3 thoughts on “Monday in The Dalles

  1. Yes, Em. That makes Gus Harry and Arlene’s first cousin, twice removed. If they had kids Gus would be the kids’ second cousin.

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