Pumpkin (Mud) Farm

On Sunday I met up with Isis and her family to go out to Sauvies Island to get pumpkins.

(Maribel, Salim, Abby, Elysa, Isis, and Ulysses -and his girlfriend Rose who was sitting next to me)


It was raining and muddy from car park to pumpkin patch and back. I almost fell on my butt stepping off the hay ride with Gus strapped on my front and the nappy bag in back. I’d have been soaked if not for the nice fellow who was helping me down and basically held me suspended in mid-limbo until another nice man from the crowd stepped forward to hoist me back up.


The field was scattered with huge pumpkins that we had to drag all the way back to the hay ride home. But it made us feel as if we EARNED them, damn it.


And made the ride home all the more cozy.

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