A bit of bragging

Last night I went along to Portland with Dad to attend the annual meeting of the Food Front co-op. It was pretty cool because they honored him with a Sustainability award.


Sarah is their produce manager and she gave a lovely speech about the buzz in her department each year when his peaches are delivered, calling them the best peaches ever. And she talked about how Dad helped to change the laws in Wasco county when he first started to allow for organic spray options.


And later in the evening, Holly, the woman who manages both stores, stopped in the middle of her finance report to tell Dad that she was happy to meet him in person because she loves his fruit, calling them a work of art.


Food Front is one of those great local institutions so it was neat to have them thank him this way. He, of course, would never tell anyone about this, but I’m pretty proud of him. He really does produce amazing fruit and puts a lot of effort into great taste vs quantity.

4 thoughts on “A bit of bragging

  1. Way to go Jim. I am also proud of your accomplishments with organic growing. And I will fourth the notion that your peaches are sublime!

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