Yesterday my battery died in my camera so I missed a day of great pictures including Gus’ first music class -with 15 little kids under 3 surrounding two men with guitars, singing, swaying and shaking shakers. Highlights were the cool drums which Gus started to softly bang on his own. But in general he was open mouthed at the whole thing. This was followed by lunch with Tammy on the deck of the Windseeker looking out over the Columbia River with, get this, no wind. Gorgeous. She gave Gus a bunch of cool toys, which he loved. Didn’t know which to play with first. And then we ran into cousins Kristi, Delany and Jenna in the grocery store! That’s why I love small towns.

So I made sure it was working today when we met up with Lisa and David for breakfast in Portland


On the way back, Gus was fussing so we gave him a bottle filled with water, thinking he would just play with it. To our surprise, he not only held it with both hands, but he drank out of it. And then, at one point, held it with just one hand. It’s been a few weeks since I had given it to him so it was quite the shock to see his hand coordination so improved.


Getting into a bit of a routine around here. May even actually get to answer email again soon.

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