Seven months

Well we’re over a week into the seventh month and I’ve almost forgotten to track the developments lately. But I know I’ll kick myself later if I don’t so here goes:

Two weeks ago we were driving in the car and he had begun to whine (which he does when he’s tired or bored). At such moments, we bring out the Big Orange Sun which has a mirror on one side and plays a song when you shake it. Usually, one of us has to reach back and spend hours doing this because as soon as the first song ends, the whining begins. But this day, suddenly from the back seat, we hear the sun play by itself! A fluke, we thought, but no. He had figured out how to hit it on his own and continued to do it all the rest of our drive. It was very cool and almost a bit spooky.


Last week he also began showing signs of object permanence -whining a little longer when you take away something he was interested in eating (eg everything except the clean toys we give him). He also started showing a few signs of clinging to me -looking around when I left the room and relaxing when I returned. But that seems to have gone again this week.


It’s true that he uses whining to communicate (which has replaced the cry) but really, he’s a pretty happy guy for the most part. Gets a joke and love a good surprise (like when Charles had packed up his cot and pretended to place Gus in the empty space where it had been or when you suddenly look at him when you’re walking in the grocery store). The games we play are things like blowing on his face, chomping on his ribs, giving horse rides on the knees, or a bit of peek a boo. He catches on quick though and doesn’t laugh as hard when you’ve done the same game or surprise a few times.

He likes going to cafes and stores and will smile at the next table or people who pass on the street. Still likes to be around the kitties or other babies (both younger and older) and demands to go out if we’ve been in the house alone too long.


He also is learning to self sooth a bit -often blowing his lips like bbbbbbbbbb. One night he woke up miserable with a cold and was crying in frustration but between the cries he tried to bbbbbbbbb. It was very sweet. Another example is when I was holding him in my arms as a train passed us by very close and blew three very loud horns. He scrambled higher and clung to my neck with such terror and yet he didn’t scream. It was an odd feeling -to be the strong quiet one saying ‘it’s ok’ and to have him seem to listen and relax and say ‘ok’.


It’s very clear now when wants something -reaches with his entire body. Let’s you know when he’s done eating by blowing bubbles with his squash or by rocking back and forth so that there’s no way you can land another spoonful. We still breastfeed him before meals and then give him a veggie and fruit mixed with rice cereal and a piece of bread to chew on. We’re about to really start giving him proper nutritionally balanced meals soon -and rely less on the milk for that. He had salmon for the first time this week, which he loved. The refried beans, not so much.


Seems a long way from crawling still but that’s just fine with me. I can see that things will really change once he can go anywhere he wants. Lord help us. Sitting, however, is old hat now. He’s a pro.


It’s funny, but I don’t really think of him as a boy most of the time. But not a girl either -he just doesn’t seem like a gender yet. Just Gus. Which is good, because when I think of raising a boy, I worry that I don’t know what to do. But I when I think of raising Gus, I know we’ll be fine.


3 thoughts on “Seven months

  1. Enjoyed your introspective on Gus. How sweet. Boys are fabulous to raise. Don’t worry about it. They are so much fun AND from 13-18 they don’t want to fight with their mother!!!

  2. That is when they fight with their fathers. At least in my family.

    This was so enjoyable to read Em. Thanks for catching us up.

  3. umm……. aren’t you in to the 8th month? Born Feb so that’s March 1 month, april 2 months etc…. or are you thinking march is 0 month?? Em, you have strange ways or working things out so i wont argue… but you’re still mistaken, it’s the 8th month 🙂

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