McKenzie River

We got to spend last weekend at a cabin in the middle of the woods with Bev, Tammy, Zach and the boys (8 week Javin and 8 year Grant).

Due to Javin & Gus, we lounged around a lot waiting for the next feed or sleep. But also managed to take a nice long walk one of the days.
(manly men and their dads)

Due to Bev, we listened to a riveting Ducks Football game with an exciting almost come -back which featured a brand new red-shirt quarterback and many loud screams from Bev.

Due to Grant we played a lot of games -including poker, backgammon, yahtzee and monopoly (which I won -but only because Bev pulled out after having amassed both Broadway and Park Place)

And due to Tammy & Zach there was also a visit to the hot springs, tons of yummy food and tiny little toes to nibble along with the chips (a bit of chip, a bit of toe, a bit of chip, a bit of toe)

ps Connie & Dennis, we passed your place on the way! We had planned to stop on the way back but Gus fell asleep (and we didn’t have cell phone coverage all weekend to warn you)

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