16 thoughts on “Itsy bitsy spider

  1. BTW, can you see the mower in the background? That’s the space I mowed 437 times in 2006 for Amanda and Leigh’s wedding. It may be that I should do a 438th.

    Of course Em is now going to claim that she, in fact, mowed it more often. But we all know the truth, don’t we.

  2. I don’t even know what kind of car that is but it sure is cute!

    And Chuck – I think your choice of cars shows you are very comfortable with your manhood. If you weren’t you would have a giguntous 4×4 that sits up on 5 foot tall tires and guzzles fuel like water. And roars instead of purrs.

  3. Spiders purr indeed, if they run.

    That car looks very comfortable in that spot.

    Leigh, prepare the garage!

    Kudos on the vintage…

  4. That’d be spyder… I heartily approve of the Alfa. Can’t wait to take it for a spin, I just need to add about 3 inches to my arms for proper Italian driving. And then there’s the Italian tune-up….

  5. First thing, look under the bonnet (hood) and check that it has tappets. don’t know anything about Alfa’s but if it runs without them, then the mechanic is misleading you by attributing mechanical faults to aforesaid engine component. I can recommend a good towing company when you need one. 🙂

  6. It has loads and loads of tappets. And they purr.

    And it came with a free bucket of bolts. Not that I’ve found the bucket of bolts yet, but I can hear it every time I turn on the engine. Must be in there somewhere…

    And the guy that sold it to me said that it was the special ‘James Bond 007’ edition. Apparently there is a button you can push to make a smoke screen! Cool huh? The button must be pressed in at the moment, and I haven’t found how to turn it off. But it is really cool to be driving down main street in Mosier with a smoke screen.

  7. Having had the privelege of taking a spin in the car today (your wife is a natural with the double clutch!), I have to admit that it is a sweet little car. I am curious, though, about the Phantom of the Opera tape that was in the stereo? Holdover from the previous owner, or is that the music that one naturally listens to when driving a convertible?

  8. You might think it is phantom of the opera, but did you not read my previous post? This is the James Bond edition. The label on the tape may be phantom, but it is actually an AC/DC album.

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