Sorry for the long absence. We went down to Eugene again last week to see if we could be of help to Amanda. Her Mom, Celest, passed away on Thursday morning. It was an aggressive cancer and she had slowly been getting weaker each day. But she was full of strength and personality in the face of the pain -something I hope to be. She had kept the news from Amanda until after the birth of Madeline -can you imagine the bravery and love that took, to keep it to herself for those weeks and months.


Amanda then began the difficult process of going through her Mom’s house. Her home had always been full of books and great cats but lately she has also discovered gardening as well. These flowers were in bloom in front of her home.


A number of neighbors stopped to tell Amanda what a great woman Celest was. But the cats stayed away. They are keeping their distance until all the strange people leave and everything goes back to normal again.

7 thoughts on “Celest

  1. Amanda- so sorry for your loss… I’m glad that your Mom got to meet your baby girl- it must have given her some joy in her last days.

  2. Thanks for your very kind words. And thank you Emily (and Chuck) for all of your help and support the last few weeks. I couldn’t have done it without you. I am glad mom was here to see and spend some time with her granddaughter, I’m just so sorry for Maddie that she will only know her through stories and pictures. And I’m glad that I have Maddie to fill some of the space my mom’s death leaves.

  3. Amanda,

    I am really sorry. I think maybe you will find your Maddie doesn’t fill the space your mother leaves but rather she creates more space in your universe and lets you see further horizons and your life in splendid new ways. I hope to see her when I am back next year. And no I won’t help with the diapers.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that Celeste is gone. My heartfelt sadness for you, Amanda. And sadness that Maddie won’t get to grow up with her Grammy. Everything I have ever heard about Celeste makes me wish I had known her.

    Great good thoughts for you.

  5. So terribly sorry Amanda, I can only echo what everyone else has said and hope that the joy that Maddie brings you helps to soften your pain

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