7 thoughts on “Not going far

  1. Lila loved this photo! Two of her favorite things – a kitty and her youngest boy cousin. She requested more…

  2. “Blue Steel” is the name of a male model pose in Zoolander. The film’s protagonist Derek Zoolander invented the pose and he protects it as a trade secret (it is supposedly patented). It is his claim to fame, along with his “Spiky Black Hair”. The style of the pose is identical to all his other named poses, which include “Le Tigre” and “Ferrari”. This contributes to the running joke that despite his reputation as a male model, Zoolander knows only one pose. However, his “Magnum” pose that saved the Prime Minister is different from the others because he turns left, The reason he could not complete the pose Magnum was because he could not turn left, until the final scene where he uses “Magnum” to save the day.

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