Little Elizabeth

Finally got the chance to start seeing people in Portland this weekend. So on Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed for Tricia & Seb’s place in the middle of the country in Hillsboro. It’s a gorgeous spot on the top of a hill with views down two different valleys. They had even arranged to have a doe and her fawn pause in front of us (the mom licked the baby’s ear before they turned and frolicked into the forest) as we pulled in the driveway.


Little Elizabeth is only 3 weeks old but already exudes personality. She looks like a pixie (The little nose. The big brown eyes.) And I swear she smiled at me.


It was one of those great stretched out breakfasts that lasts for hours and meanders through all sorts of topics. There’s something about new baby days that bring a whole new level of relaxation. I love it.


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