And we finally got to see Lisa, who was immersing herself in OB certification info.


We waited for Gus to wake up then walked up the street to a little brewpub for lunch (ranch dressing!) Along the way we passed elaborate wild gardens and little tiled benches that people made for passers by. And Lisa ran into two or three people she knew. By the end of our visit, I pretty much decided to pitch a tent in their back yard and move in.

As always, i could have talked to Lisa for hours and hours. But eventually I tore us away and let her get back to her studying. But the great thing is that, as I drove off it began to sink in a bit that we’re not just on vacation this time. That we really do get to stop by again in the next few weeks to see David and the boys and continue to chat for a few more hours.

As much as I miss people in Sydney, it’s really good to be home.

2 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. Hey Lisa – good to have a face with a name! Thanks again for the midwife recommendation when I moved here. I did end up seeing Helen Welch during my pregnancy and she was fantastic! And after having a bit of a trying second delivery, I have a newfound appreciation for the wonderful labor nurses – you guys are saints!

  2. We miss you too. Sydney is just that little bit less interesting without you here! love Nicx PS. That’s why I had to go to Noosa! 🙂

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