Casey birthday

After Tricia’s, I got to hang out with Casey for her birthday -leaving the boys (all 5 of them) to fend for themselves and heading off to an amazing free dance performance that moved between 4 different downtown water fountains. The choreography celebrated children’s play (as one of the themes) and it so viscerally reminded me of hours of exploring, rough-housing, running, pushing, splashing, yelling, and generally being a kid outdoors. And it was such a great thing to see right now -as we’re thinking about where to live next (which neighborhood) -because I really want Gus to have the chance to ride a bike down the street and get to know the local kids. Although, I might have him miss out on a few experiences I had -like climbing a huge fir tree, scooting out to the edge of the branches and basically sliding down the outside as one branch folded down on to the next. Our king of the hill games were pretty rough too. But I digress.


It was so good to catch up with Casey both at dinner all to myself and in the morning where we got to soak up the hum of their morning routine. There’s much to be gleaned from old pros like Casey and Shalan.

(birthday hugs from Gus, Milo and Avi)

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