Sick kitties

A couple of weeks ago, one of the fluffy kittens (the one on the left) was a bit lethargic in the morning. So we gave her water and planned to get a tablet for her the next day (we were off to Portland to deliver fruit and the vet didn’t think there was any rush). By 8pm that night, she was yelping in pain and died before Charles reached the vet in Hood River.


Amanda thought it might be an aggressive virus going through the orchard cats. If they can survive it, they become immune, but it’s harder on the kittens.


Then, yesterday, the house kitty started throwing up and was tired and quiet. This time we took her to the vet right away.


She’s a pretty special kitty. Full of energy (she actually fetches) but also sensitive and sweet (she learned quickly not to bite or scratch Gus, even when he grabs a handful of her fur). And she’s been working extra hard to win over Charles.

(reminds me when Marvin used to sit on my roommate Robbie’s bed -the only one in the house he wasn’t allowed on. How do they know to do this?)

They kept her there overnight where they have her in quarentine and hooked up with a drip in her leg. Will let you know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Sick kitties

  1. Oh no. Not Kitty. She is such a sweetie, may she heal quickly.

    Keeping all digits and eyes crossed for her recovery.

  2. I guess it falls to me to point out the obvious here that it would seem that computer viruses are clearly transgenic… All the best for Kitty

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