We just got back from a short trip to Eugene where we spent most of our time with Amanda in the hospital where she was visiting her Mom, Celest, in the oncology ward. It’s a very tough thing they are going through right now -especially with a new 6 week old baby. I’m amazed at Amanda’s strength and grace.

I was lucky to be able to spend some time with Madeline, walking the halls and soaking up the oohs and ahs from the nurses and other patients. We kinda took over the family room and between Madeline and Gus (and today, Javin) and all their stuff, it felt like a bubble of happiness. There’s something about babies that lightens the darkest crevices. Especially, a petite cutie in pink. So I hope it wasn’t disrespectful -all the squeals and coos. I hope it was healing instead.

(Gus in the portable cot with hairy arms)

(Amanda & Madeline with Tammy & Javin)

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