A day with the Granties

Monday was Aunt Lani’s 62nd birthday and also happened to be the 2nd anniversary of my Mom’s death (not a particularly great birthday present for her, eh?). So she and Aunt Nett and I spent the day spreading the ashes around special places in the Gorge.
The first stop was the Columbia River. Since it was a Monday, we had the boat ramp to ourselves and took our time unwrapping the box and watching the ceremonial handfulls of ash swirl into the water. Just moments before a boat came back to shore and ran right over it. So much for sentimentality.

As Aunt Lani pointed out, it was against regulations here anyway:


We also went to the orchard and visited my Grandparents’ graves.
It was sad to have Gus holding Mom instead of the other way around.

But as much as I resisted doing this (I’m not sure why, I just felt heavy and didn’t have my usual desire to cut through the avoidance) it turned out to be a really good day. Riding around in the back of the car with Gus, relaxing with my Aunts and listening to them reminisce.

And topping it all off with a birthday dinner in Hood River with a candle served up with Aunt Lani’s Huckleberry Torte.

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