Family gathering

We’ve just had a great couple of days with family -starting with dinner on Saturday night in Portland to celebrate Grantie Lani’s birthday.

Where Gus got to meet Grantie Nett for the first time.
IMG_4048 IMG_1157

And we got to spend more time with Lena, Kyle and the chidlets the next morning. Was Gus ever as small as Lainey? Will he ever be as big as Lila? Feels like they’ll always be exactly this age.

(really, the matching outfits thing was entirely unplanned)

3 thoughts on “Family gathering

  1. Love the Ramones t-shirt on Gus – so punk.

    Chuck would look nice in some stripy pants like Gus has on as well — even more punk rock (or maybe glam, but you get the point).

  2. So great to see yu all together! But what happened to Lynette’s hair! Hope you donated it to locks of love. That’s what I did and it really grows back quickly!

  3. My hair got lopped off a year ago and it indeed went to locks of love. I have no intention of growing past my collar, ever again. After my entire adult life with very long hair I am still not completely used to this short stuff.

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