First venture

We met up with Amanda and Madeline today at a coffee shop -our first attempt to socialize since the cold. Little Madeline was much more awake than a couple of weeks ago.

And Gus was riveted.

That’s the thing about meeting up with other Mums/Moms -it’s not only great to get out and commiserate, but Gus is genuinely entertained in a way that is impossible to replicate at home. No matter how great my dancing and singing skills.

7 thoughts on “First venture

  1. You know, when Gus was that age, and I used to meet up with people who had kids a few months older -they’d always say they couldn’t remember their kid ever being that small. And I always thought, I’LL remember. But I don’t. Charles thinks it’s the sleep deprivation that doesn’t let you lay down memories.

  2. Charles should worry – Gus will likely be a jock! Just joking but if it comes true, remember you heard it here first. Although a geeky jock would be especially cool.

  3. Maddie has the cutest little nose! I can’t wait until I can socialize with you both in Hood River. Gus looks quite entertained. What fun!

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