This is one of the last times he’ll wear this outfit -one of my favorites. It’s all tight and not just around the belly.


He was pretty happy today with more energy and appetite. I think he may actually be getting over his cold slowly. Just down to a small cough now. Any day now and we can go visiting again. Any. Day…

It may also be time to start the sleep training again -he seems to have fallen into a new phase where he refuses to sleep in his cot (or rather, tries to refuse -crying for AGES before he settles). We’ve been here before so at least we know we can get out of it eventually. I tell ya, nothing like having a kid to teach you patience!

3 thoughts on “Outgrowing

  1. Cot refusal just started here too. It is so much easier just to settle John in the pram, because he can’t roll around, look at stuff and keep himself awake.

    John and Izzie are both missing childcare at the moment due to bad colds. John’s been fighting his for weeks but it keeps freshening. Childcare. What can you do?

  2. OOohh it’s sleeping dramas around here, too. I’m blaming the six-month growth spurt. But when isn’t there a growth spurt?

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