Would it still be called a piggy-back ride?

Yay -my camera is up and running again. Just in time to get these shots of Gus’ new carrier (the other one is getting hard on the lower back).

Charles took it for a spin all the way down to the center of Mosier city (population 200). But Gus kept falling asleep every 10 minutes or so and because his head wasn’t supported, he kept slumping over to the side. So Charles would stop by the side of the road and wait for 20 minutes until he woke and they started walking again. Only to repeat again 10 minutes later. Not terribly efficient.

I tried it out this evening for a much shorter trip around the orchard.
When Gus was on my back, Charles kept calling it a “howdah” -which I just looked up. It’s the name for the seat they use on an Elephant ride.


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