Gus and the cats

I’m pleased to see that my son loves the fluffy beasts.

There’s the house kitty, of course.

But also, these two:
(free to good home!)

And our very own Slinky Malinky (who some of you may recognize from a couple of years back)
(“Slinky Malinky was blacker than black, a stalking and lurking, adventurous cat…with bright yellow eyes, and a warbling wail and a kink on the end of his very long tail”)

All of which is to explain how tragic it would be if any of Gus’ cold symptoms ended up being due to an allergy instead of a passing bug.

I worry.

4 thoughts on “Gus and the cats

  1. I wondered this yesterday. It would be sad. The only reason I don’t have a cat is because one of my children is highly allergic to them. I hope it’s one of his top teeth coming in instead.

  2. It’s probably just that he’s got his daddy’s susceptibility for the colds. Plus he’s travelled how many time zones and gone from winter to summer all in one day! I’ll send anti-allergy thoughts to you. No household should be without a cat (or two or six). I mentioned my concern re: allergies to her dr. and she said that they find that children raised in households with pets are less likely to get pet allergies…I doubt they show up this early anyway!

  3. Even though I had bad allergies to cats and dogs when I was a child, I went through a series of allergy shots as a kid and now have an indoor cat and dog at home, and have no problems with either, so there’s hope, even if it is dreaded allergies! Although remembering back to those allergy shots, I’m crossing my fingers it’s just the sniffles.

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