Views from a Bjorn

Gus’ cold is almost gone but the last two nights have been a bit hellish. Waking every two hours or so. We’re all a bit exhausted.

So we went into the big town of Hood River today for a change of scenery (Gus truly is getting bored with his mat & toys -although, the boredom does seem to get him to do more rolling and moving around).

Here we have the science fiction section of the local book store:

And here we have Grandpa about to take Gus out for a stroll in the orchard when we got back:

(they’re looking over at the hundreds of orchard cats before heading to check on the grapes)

6 thoughts on “Views from a Bjorn

  1. Argh to the nights. Hope you’re not too exhausted and it’s stop being so dastardly hot. LOVE the pics btw. The orchard looks glorious.

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