Baby-led weaning

Christina came down from the cabin today and hung out with us at the Orchard. So we roped her into feeding Gus who has been slowing down in his interest in eating in the last few days. Getting bored of sweet potato? Not sure.

But Christina tried something new that he loved -a much more tactile approach, letting him touch the bowl and food as he eats. Which is a half step towards baby-led weaning, a way I just read about on a blog a read call Comfortable Disorientation. Thought we’d try it and see what happens.
So far, Gus is enthusiastic.

One thought on “Baby-led weaning

  1. We’re gradually moving in the other direction as I often spoon-feed Joe. Some days I just can’t face hour-long meals and the clean-up operation required afterwards. Baby drool appears to turn any foodstuff into a glue-like cement!

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