Jiggity jig

Well, we’re back home again.

Last night, Gus woke up countless times (ok, so it was 7) crying and unhappy. We couldn’t figure out why until suddenly he was all congested and it became clear that cold #2 had descended.

Poo! Not only because I don’t like seeing him all wheezy, but because it meant cutting our travels short and not getting to meet little newborn Javin! Not to mention his big brother Grant or all the other friends we’re anxious to catch up with.

Gus was oblivious though. Woke all stuffy and happy go lucky. Enjoying the morning and the first cup of coffee of the day with Grantie Lani.


One thought on “Jiggity jig

  1. We are just happy that you don’t have to jet back to Australia in a mere matter of weeks. We have PLENTY of time to meet up and visit. Hope Gus is feeling better and that this cold he has is short-lived.

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