Hittin’ the road. Going a visitin’

On Monday we spent the morning getting Mom’s car all copasetic (a favorite Mom word) then hit the road for three whole days of saying hello to people down the valley.

First stop was cousins Lena & Kyle’s to meet newborn Lainey and the scrumptious Lila. They’ve always lived in cold, far away states like Alaska or Minneapolis so I’m thrilled we’re all finally close enough to drop by for lunch at the last minute without bringing anything to contribute. Not off to a great start helping with the whole newborn situation yet! Lila was very helpful with Gus though. Brought him all sorts of toys, his favorite being a very stylish silver purse that he refused to let go. I have a feeling this is just a taste of many many dress up days to come with the girl cousins.



And then we drove to Corvallis to spent the night with Grantie Lani who Gus loves and who made a fabulous dinner in her fabulous garden complete with her famous deviled eggs and fabulous homemade blackberry cobbler.



She also invited four other special guests including Isis (my dear friend and little sis through the Big Brother program 11 years ago!) and her daughter Elysa who is now almost 2! How did that happen? When I last met her, she was only as long as my arm. Now she’s bilingual and already a little spunky character. She didn’t know what to think of me yet. I tried all sorts of tricks to warm her up but I think I need to work on my two year old skills. Expand my repertoire beyond crunching chips in her ear and poking her in the ribs.


(here we see her waiting patiently for the cobbler. that is, if staring so intently so as to ignore all other sound or movement around her is considered patient)

And the other two guests were Joseph (a colleague of Aunt Lani’s from the University) and his partner Theresa. I was very excited to meet Theresa because I’ve been reading two of her blogs (Reality Bytes and Choodlemania) but have never met her in person. I didn’t get to talk to her as much as I’d like (due to crunching chips in ears) but it was an interesting experience because although she was essentially a total stranger, I already knew all sorts of little things about her like she went blue berry picking last week, is a kick-ass feminist, loves gardening, and has great eclectic taste in music. And I already knew I liked her. So it was an odd combination of comfort and shyness. Which is perhaps how Gus felt. Minus the shyness.


3 thoughts on “Hittin’ the road. Going a visitin’

  1. Isis looks beautiful (as does her lovely little girl!). Sounds like a good, if abbreviated visit. But now that you’re here for a good long stay, you’ll be able to make more trips to see them all and have the opportunity to charm all the new friends with your lovely ways. I’m sorry about cold No. 2 cutting it all short.

  2. I had the same eerie feeling of familiarity and newness, except with Gus, it was more like meeting an extremely friendly celebrity! I hope we get more opportunities to hang out, and you’re absolutely on the invite list for our Dia de los Muertos party (Lani can fill you in on those!). Sorry to hear Gus has a cold, it’s this wicked Oregon damp descending on us.

  3. It was so wonderful to see you guys and to know that we can do it again soon! And believe me – it felt great to take a shower and prepare some food – I felt (almost) human again for the first time since Lainey was born, so the pleasure was all ours to host you for lunch. Besides, I now have a sneaking suspicion that Gus’s cold may have originated at our home, so hummus and veggie bagel sandwiches assuage my guilt for ruining the rest of your visit to Eugene!

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