9 thoughts on “New nappies

  1. Ka-YOOT! Do the orange pants go over the nappies, or are the nappies orange? I’m just a slobby Aussie, and am kinda confused by all this high-tech US stuff.

  2. Emily, we call those diapers in the USA. Get with the program. Also you no longer have a pram…you have a stroller.

    You can only use those words if you speak in an Australian accent.

  3. yep. g diapers is licensed by a couple in pdx after they discovered them on a trip. the portlanders have global rights, except in oz, where the original inventors retain rights.

    i was also given a starter pack of them. will see how they fit. if/when i ever have this baby. nearly 41 weeks now. oy. will be checking with you on your POV of the g. reviews online are mixed.

    if you decide to go to cloth – there’s a great store in se called mother nature’s on clinton street. amanda and i have been there a few times. i got all my nappies from there. (aside from the g, of course.) i’m hoping potty training only takes 6 months. right?

    enjoy the heat today. should be toasty. 110?

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