The flight

All you see in this photo belongs to Gus:
(note: We vowed not to buy a ton of baby stuff. Not to travel with acres of crap. But that lasted about a week. Sigh.)

The cool thing was that we were suddenly those people who got to board first. But we were also those people who had to balance two trays on our lap during meals while the other occupied a bored baby.

He was really good, actually. No screaming fits or any explosive poos. And in good spirits despite being woken up half way through his normal night to be dragged through xray machines and various lines.

No seat belts for babies on domestic flights, by the way. A bit surprising.

2 thoughts on “The flight

  1. Great to hear the flight went OK and Gus was his easygoing self about it all. In the pic, he seems to be looking around the airport, taking it all in his stride!

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