Charles is back

Charles has been busy lately since his last day of work was yesterday. Between wrapping things up and a conference in the Gold Coast and work dinners last week, he was home only two days in the past two weeks. So it’s been a tiny taste of going it alone. Enough to make me appreciate all those singles mums out there even more. And of course, to be happy he’s home now.

Even though Gus’ outfit didn’t match again today. Even though Gus rolled over for him three times when I haven’t seen anything close it. Even though he was able to put Gus down for his nap without so much a whimper. And even though meal times look a bit… more enthusiastic.


2 thoughts on “Charles is back

  1. Damn those men! Leigh seems able so far to comfort Madeleine far better than I, though that actually makes me relieved because it’s so hard to hear the cry and not always be able to make her feel better right away. I, too, also in the first 24 hours home, nicked her thumbnail and made her bleed. I think I’ll let Leigh do that, too, from now on because he did it perfectly at the hospital, where, by the way, her nails already needed a complete manicure. We will post those pics soon to give you an idea just how long they were! I’m glad Charles is back to help out, esp. because it means you guys are just days (?!) from being over here to meet Mad in person and for us to meet Gus. You’ll also have to give some advice about getting her to sleep in her bassinet. While I didn’t want to, I’ve turned into a co-sleeper and would love for her and for my sake to get her into the bassinet for her main sleeping!

  2. And now Gus is sleeping for over 90 minutes when he usually wakes for naps at 40. Sigh.

    We leave in 8 days! At which point Mad will be twice her age now. Can’t wait to meet her!

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