Gus has been hungry lately. Very hungry. And I haven’t always been able to keep up (which means dipping into the frozen supply). It also means that I’ve been more tired since each feed takes a ton of calories from me as well. And then this week, he hasn’t gained any weight. So…

Today we started our first solids.
Picture 3
(he’s not terribly sure at this point, but he liked it more moments later)

It’s rice goop, so not really very solid.

But it’s changed his poos already. Won’t go into that too much but let’s just say he has gone from pooing once every two weeks (yes, that’s right. It’s normal in breastfed babies.) to 3 times today alone. And the…consistency is different as well.

All based on one tiny teaspoon.

Update: Here’s the full video if you’re interested (one minute, 20 seconds)

2 thoughts on “Solids!

  1. Fantastic. He seems to want more! And yes, I agree with Amanda – he really wants to chew that spoon.

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