We had a good Tuesday here in Gusland. Mostly cause although we missed Mum’s group, we still got to see two friends today.

The first was Nicky and Daniella, who I’ve been meaning to get a picture of for the last 3 visits! We went to a movie last week (a Mum’s and bubs) and Daniella and Gus sat in the back row. He clearly has great taste in women.

But it was a short visit because (like Gus) Daniella has a bit of a cold and (like Gus in the middle of last night) was completely over it and had a bit of a cry. So they headed home to have a nice nap.

Mum’s group was missed due to nap schedules and then Gus took an extra hour to go to sleep which meant no art gallery as hoped. But Lex and Louie stopped by to say hi in any case.
(Guess which one of these can roll?)

But that’s the thing with kidlets, you can’t really plan around them. Which is why it’s nice to have friends who understand. And why these days are the complete opposite of corporate life -where we like to pretend we’re in control.

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