World Youth Afternoon

Yesterday I went for a walk with Lex and Louie down to Hyde Park where they have all the streets blocked off for the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day.

Lex has a much better description on her blog here.

But here are a few more pictures I took:

They had these Jesus sculptures each decorated in a different way. As you can see, this one is the camo version.

As we were first walking up, this Buddhist nun was standing profile looking at one of the statues -the perfect World Press Photo shot. Both Lex and I made a mad scramble for our cameras and both missed the grand prize by mere seconds. So we followed her to this one and got the shot from behind.

Then we headed for the huge tent they had constructed outside the church, with huge signs that said, “merchandise.”

The big hubbub surrounding the festival has been a temporary law the state implemented which allows the police to arrest anyone who annoys the participants. Which can be easily read as ‘no protesting.’ So there are tons of protest t-shirts out there now. In addition to these, of course.

But Lex had a point, that at least the participants aren’t doing any harm. No drinking or drugs or loud music even. My friend Chris from my zen group (who’s also a practicing Catholic) likened it to the city being over run by Labrador dogs. And the city did feel a bit quieter with all the traffic blocked off and clumps of friendly foreign teens wandering the sidewalks.

And then to top off our visit, as we were leaving the tent, we spotted our friend at the check-out stand.

One thought on “World Youth Afternoon

  1. yeah man…we gotta protest the youth, man. They totally can not like get away with their agenda, man.

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